Streak Day 6 & 7

So yesterday of my challenge didn’t go according to plan. It rained all day so I was hoping to get out after basketball practice. No, it decided to keep raining. Which meant my outdoor time was limited to walking to the bus stop. Normally if the weather goes south we drive, so I decided we’d walk and if I got wet on the way back home so be it.  I did decide to take a few minutes for self care and had a date with my Roll Recovery R8.  You know that awkward pain that makes you giggle? Well, the R8 will give it to you. 

Today isn’t looking much better, raining harder than yesterday. I was hoping to have the same plan as yesterday but then I developed a major headache in the afternoon. Food didn’t help so I decided instead of throwing in the entire towel I would only toss the outdoor corner.

I loaded up a runners yoga video from Yoga with Adriene’s YouTube channel. It was nice and slow and stretchy. Even though 30 minutes later my head feels the same, the rest of me feels pretty good.

Fenway got a little too into his savasana.

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