Streak Day 8

While it felt like it had been raining forever it was actually only two days.  I was glad it wasn’t when I woke up, but the 35º didn’t look too exciting either.  I waited a bit after I dropped the kids at the bus, thinking I would let it warm up as much as I could.  I ran to the grocery store and then figured I might as well head out.

Let me tell you, Winter is coming. I’m not sure if I want to believe the rumors of how the winter will go.  I’ve heard bitter cold, little snow or bitter cold, lots of snow.

File Nov 08, 9 10 02 PM

I had a practice in what goes up must come down.  This run was an out and back so I’m not quite sure where that little blip after mile 2 came from…

This is the beginning of my go-to route, and it just keeps going up from there.  Not too steep but steady and continuous, until you decided to turn around and come back down.



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