Days 10 & 11 and a WRUN Pittsburgh workshop

Unfortunately day 10 started out as another bitter cold morning and the kids were home from school for Veteran’s Day, so yoga it was. I did some core and hip openers from Yoga with Adriene’s YouTube channel. I like her videos, her voice is soothing and she speaks to you like you’re there. I’ve watched some yoga videos and can’t get past the introduction because it’s a nails on the chalkboard experience.

Today my friend and I headed up to Pittsburgh for a running and writing workshop. It was an amazing, relaxing, fulfilling afternoon. It was great to share things you love and enjoy with a group of amazing women.

We started off the workshop with intros from our hosts, a super sweet sister duo. We introduced ourselves and discussed what drew us to the workshop. After some dynamic stretching we headed out for our runs, a 2 or 3 mile out and back along the river.

We came back to Exhale and had tea and coffee, changed into comfy clothes and began the writing portion. Following prompts we did a few exercises. I felt my writing a little raw and at points too personal, so I opted not to share.

It’s always great to make new friends, and do new things. Years ago neither I or Rebecca would have been caught dead doing something like this. I think at almost 40 years old I’m finally coming out of my shell.

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