Day 12 & An Experiment

I woke up this morning riding the wave from yesterday. I felt good, both mentally and physically. I drank some coffee and decided to head out for a run. It was chilly, but getting up to 40°F before 9AM was a welcome change from the last few days.

I layered appropriately and headed out to the Botanic Garden for some trail running. I’m pretty lucky to live just behind the Garden.

The trails are pretty camouflage this time of year, I made quit a few wrong turns and overran the turns. It was also made interesting because the rain had the stream flowing. The rocks were just far enough apart that the probability I fell in was about 98%.

I use these stream crossings to extend the runnable trail so that I don’t have to do laps. So I was pretty bummed when I got to the above. I doubled back and at the next crossing, same story. I did manage 3 miles without actual laps, but I did have to run circles, just in all different directions.

The experiment of the morning was adding collagen peptides to my coffee. I’ve heard and read good things not only regarding skin, hair and nails, but joint health and improved digestion as well. I got a few single serve packs at Whole Foods yesterday thinking I could try it to see if it truly is tasteless. I mixed it into my coffee and I really could not taste it. I realized though, it’s a total waste if I don’t actually drink the entire cup, which I rarely do. So I needed to add a bit of coffee half way through to warm it up. I think I’ll use a smaller cup tomorrow. I only picked up 4 packs, so I might break down and order the 10 oz size. You can order from their web store or I also found it on Amazon, which is prime eligible. I’ll give it a few weeks and I’ll see if there are any noticeable changes happening.

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