Falling off the wagon…

Well, it looks like I sort of fell off the blogging wagon.  I was going so strong, too.

The #chasethebirdchallenge has officially ended.  I can’t say that I managed to get out every day, but I did when the weather & time allowed.  The trees in the Botanic Garden have pretty much shed all their leaves, which makes finding the trail a little difficult at times.  While running I missed the trail quite a few times, which is pretty embarrassing since it’s just about my backyard.

 It wouldn’t be so bad it these paths weren’t loaded with rocks, sticks, roots, and random bricks.  This area used to be the reservoir that held the water for Morgantown.  It has been since turned into the West Virginia Botanic Garden, and I am lucky enough to live right after the back part of the Reservoir Loop.

I did trade my trails for asphalt for the Morgantown Running Turkey Trot.  I ran this race the first year they had it, and it was (and still is) my 5K PR.  I thought for sure I broke my record this time around, but I was off by a few seconds.  Crazy enough, I blew it on the down hill part of the first mile.  My next two were quicker, and I say that’s what I get for socializing on my way down.  I consider both races to be a personal best for me.  The 2012 race is from what I call the BC races, being before cancer.  It’s taking a bit, but I’m getting back there.  Today I just casually ran a 10K for my half training and came in under an hour.  That used to be work, now I’m not saying it wasn’t work, but it came easier today than it has.

All of this makes me hopeful that I can break my marathon PR in Columbus this fall.  It’ll be an anniversary race for me, so I’m super excited.  It’ll be 5 years since I first ran Columbus, which was my first marathon, and came 6 months post cancer diagnosis.  This coming April (2018) I will have been cancer free for 5 years!  So next fall I’m coming for you Columbus!

I’ve been keeping up with my collagen experiment.  It’ll be going on two weeks and I’m not sure if I notice a difference yet.  My husband just ordered me another 10 oz container, so I will keep it up until at least that one is gone.  I saw that it says 1-2 scoops a day, and I’ve only been putting one in my coffee every morning.  Maybe I need two?  I don’t know, and I’m pretty certain there’s no real science behind this either, so there’s a chance it could just be snake oil too.


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